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Content Repurposing Reimagined: Use Multiple Recordings To Create Marketing Gold

May 15, 2024

Have you ever thought about repurposing your short-form audio or video content?

Let’s say you’ve got multiple five to 10-minute videos sharing industry insights or valuable tips. Could these make compelling blog posts? Are they even long enough?

Or how about taking an entire season of your podcast and turning it into a rich white paper?

When does it make sense to combine several recordings? And how the heck do you determine if it’s worth the effort?

These are the times when repurposing content can benefit from an extra dose of scrappy creativity. To get the most value out of content repurposing, you want to avoid simply copying-and-pasting content to different channels. Think of it as part transformation and part optimization.

Read on for strategies to help you expand or combine recordings for content your audience will love, examples in action and insights into how Spoke did it.

Guiding questions for repurposing and combining multiple recordings

Before we show you how the Spoke team has navigated some unique repurposing opportunities, here are a few questions to help you determine how to rework interviews or recordings.

    • What audio or video content do you have with common themes? Multiple related recordings (like a podcast series) can be combined to become a valuable marketing piece like an ebook or white paper.
    • Can you leverage existing written content to strengthen a newly repurposed piece of content? If you’re repurposing a shorter recording (let’s say under 15 minutes), you might want to add to it so it has more depth. To augment and provide a polished, valuable piece from start to finish, look to written content you’ve already created like blog posts, white papers or guides. As an added benefit, this is a great opportunity to integrate backlinks to other places on your site and boost your SEO.
    • Could you repurpose content from multiple kinds of sources? Just because you’re using a podcast for repurposing, doesn’t mean you need to use only podcasts. If you’re working with a short video clip, do you have any podcast episodes or webinars that could augment your content? What about unpublished conversations with insights from your organization’s thought leaders? Leave no stone unturned to paint a fuller picture with your content.

5 examples of creative repurposing

Sometimes, the best way to understand something is to see how others have done it.

We’ve got you covered. Here are a few examples of how we’ve combined multiple recordings for one valuable, cohesive piece of content. We share insights on how we did it to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Lane Sebring: 2 Video Clips 👉 Q&A

Lane Sebring is a self-publishing coach, and his YouTube channel has more than 7,000 subscribers who tune into his insights. He participates in Kajabi’s partner program and recorded two short videos around 12 minutes in length, reviewing how the platform can help business owners and sharing how it helped grow his business.

We turned these two videos into a review blog post, broken into Q&A sections explaining the what and how of the solution, as well as Lane’s reasons for switching to Kajabi.

This format goes deep with explanations for the reader and allowed our team to make the most of repurposing the video clips.

Key takeaway: A Q&A format can be a great way to present a comprehensive perspective on a particular topic.

2. Mission: 3 Podcast Episodes 👉 Article

What do you do when you have multiple rock-solid podcast episodes that fit together perfectly? We helped Mission answer that question with an article based on three episodes of the IT Visionaries podcast.

Using multiple recordings for this content allowed us to compile insights from each episode to cover the topic of automation (and how Salesforce can help with it) more fully.

It also meant bringing in the knowledge of three subject matter experts instead of one. Our team interwove related quotes and concepts from different speakers throughout — for one cohesive article.

Key takeaway: Look for related ideas amongst various recordings that can constitute a deeper dive in one content piece. If you encounter related but distinct concepts, explore how the recordings could become two or more pieces of content.

3. LogicHub: 2 Recordings 👉 Viewpoint Comparison

AI-powered security solution LogicHub had insightful recordings from two security experts who happened to be their clients — with distinct takes on an industry topic.

After reviewing the conversations, the Spoke team turned the conversations into a single “Man versus machine” piece. The blog post compares their differing perspectives and the strengths and weaknesses they present on automation and intuition.

Presenting both sides of this “debate” allowed the content to give readers a complete, insightful picture of the issue.

Key takeaway: Don’t be afraid to bring together apparently opposing positions in interviews or recordings. A “pros and cons” or strengths and weaknesses angle can give unique depth to content and maximize your repurposing efforts.

4. PR Maven®: A Year of Podcasting 👉 ‘Best Of’ Blog Post

In 2021, PR and personal branding expert Nancy Marshall released 38 episodes of the PR Maven® Podcast, which were chock-full of insights for public relations professionals.

The Spoke team repurposed about half of these episodes into individual blog posts throughout the year. But to celebrate the end of 2021, we compiled a list of insights from the year’s episodes for a “Top 21 of 2021” blog post.

This approach drew on the wisdom of many conversations to create a cohesive listicle. Plus, it brought the added benefit of encouraging listeners to go back to any episodes they missed for a deeper dive into insights they enjoyed from the roundup.

Key takeaway: Rounding up short, snappy insights from many recordings (especially if you release regular podcast episodes) is a great way to give readers a lot of value in a very digestible format.

5. Karbon: Multiple Sources 👉 Customer Story

We repurposed this story-driven blog post for accounting software company Karbon from a conference presentation about its client, Parable. The presentation covered how the accounting services provider considered canceling its use of Karbon’s services — and how Karbon used the client’s experience to improve.

While the recording of the presentation was rich with insights, additional details about the client were needed to ensure the story was complete and would resonate with other customers. Karbon provided a second internal recording of a prep call for the presentation, giving us a fuller picture.

But wait — there’s more! Even with those two recordings, we still needed a few outstanding details to round out the piece. We connected with the speaker directly, sending a few key questions via asynchronous audio — the answers gave us what we needed to put the finishing touches on the piece.

Key takeaway: Think outside the box! Repurposing doesn’t have to come from only public-facing, polished conversations.

🚀 Bonus tip: If you need additional insights from a speaker to fill in gaps or resolve unanswered questions from the recording, use a tool like Voiceform to request and collect their responses.

Stumped by a repurposing puzzle?

We can help you put the pieces together. If you have several recordings that you’d like to do more with, we can help you unlock their potential. Our team will review them, offering the expertise and vision to identify the blog posts, white papers or guides that can be developed from your recordings. Get in touch to learn more.

Jaclyn Schiff
May 15, 2024
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