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Fauna offers a distributed, serverless database that combines the flexibility of documents with relational database power. Designed for modern applications, it enables developers to build, scale, and manage transactional, secure, and compliant applications without operational overhead, using a cloud API.


VanillaSoft offers a leading sales engagement platform designed to enhance productivity for inside sales teams. It provides features such as lead and sales tracking, auto-dialing, call recording, and email marketing, enabling seamless workflow and increased sales efficiency through robust automation and communication tools.

Lone Star Communications

Lone Star Communications specializes in life safety, security, and communications systems. The organization serves healthcare, educational, and commercial sectors with integrated solutions designed to enhance safety and efficiency. Their mission centers on delivering reliable products and services to ensure secure and well-protected communities across multiple states.


ZeroFox specializes in external cybersecurity, protecting organizations from digital threats beyond their perimeter. Their platform offers comprehensive solutions including threat intelligence, brand and domain protection, social media monitoring, and rapid incident response. ZeroFox aims to safeguard brands, executives, and data against cyberattacks across the surface, deep, and dark webs.


Bazaarvoice is a leading user-generated content (UGC) platform for brands and retailers, enhancing customer engagement and driving sales. It helps businesses leverage authentic customer reviews, ratings, photos, and videos to build trust, improve product visibility, and foster brand loyalty through its extensive network and comprehensive UGC solutions.


Karbon provides a collaborative practice management platform for accounting firms, enhancing efficiency and productivity. It integrates team collaboration, workflow automation, project management, and client management, ensuring seamless operations and better client service. Karbon streamlines communication, boosts visibility, and optimizes processes to drive firm success.


Ocelot provides an AI-driven communication platform for higher education institutions, enhancing student engagement and retention. Its solutions include AI-powered chatbots, two-way texting, and live chat, offering personalized support and information. Ocelot helps over 500 institutions streamline communication and boost student success through advanced technology and integrations.

FDS Reporting

FDS provides custom analytics solutions for multi-location businesses, integrating data consolidation, custom reporting, and operational tools to enhance efficiency and profitability. Their platform offers timely, accurate insights and streamlined data management, helping businesses optimize operations and drive growth.

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